Monthly Archives: October 2016

cloudsI studied psychology in college (hello, major number one!) for three semesters.  It was interesting, and I did well in my classes, but it wasn’t quite right for a career path.  However, studying critical thinking, motivation, personality and social attachment for a year and half planted some important idea seeds for me.  Here are a few that I hope help you in your attempt to get your head on straight about your own fitness and health:

  1. Conventional wisdom is so often wrong.  Just because you’ve heard it (or read it on the Internet) doesn’t make it true.  Some sources are better than others and there is SO MUCH INFORMATION out there about what to do/eat/etc that I find most people coming to me, don’t know where to start.
  2. Action comes before motivation.  In the brain, you literally create and strengthen new neural pathways by taking action.  You also have the power to stop bad habits in their tracks AND CREATE LASTING GOOD ONES by utilizing my two other favorite neurology truths.  Ask me about them!
  3. Personality counts.  No two people keep themselves healthy by doing the exact same things.  How do YOU gain the most energy?  What makes YOU happy?  Knowing who you are and taking into account your life situation and current resources are paramount.
  4. You need other people.  Even if you are more introverted than extroverted, you’ll benefit so much by drawing on and acting on the wisdom of true expertise AND having friends/loved ones/your tribe to cheer you on.  It’s much easier to overcome unhealthy habits and create better ones with a tribe lifting you up.  This was KEY for me personally in creating long lasting healthy eating habits.

Want to know more about how to create space in your brain and your life for positive change?  I love helping others find what works for them in a supportive, real, fun and uplifting way.  Reach out to me at or call me at (408) 827-8440.

[Photo: Sunrise, San Jose, CA]