About Nicholle


I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade, and in that relatively short time frame, Americans have only become sicker, fatter and less healthy than any time in history.  When I started my Public Health degree at the University of Georgia, 30% of Americans were overweight or obese according to the World Health Organization.  Now that number is slated to climb to 75% just over a decade later.

By chance, I started in this industry as a celebrity trainer.  Now, I love my work leading a nationwide corporate fitness team, instructing classes, and continuing to train private clients. However, a blog turns 24 hours a day into possibilities that seem endless.  Thanks to the power of the Internet,  anyone can access effective self-care advice from me and avoid the pitfalls of fads and misinformation.  I’ve seen dozens of clients change for the better when given the information, tools and support needed to make positive changes.  Everyone deserves to know how to take the best possible care of themselves, and my hope is that by offering expert resources and support via this blog, that you will be empowered to effect real and lasting change in your life and be happier and healthier in the process.

Do you want to lose weight and maintain it for life?  Do you want to feel good and take care of yourself in a deep, real way that isn’t determined by a typical “diet” or endless hours exercising?  Being primarily fit is about a lifestyle shift, and it starts with your perspective.  You can live the life you want.