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Why Fitness Fails

The quick fix does not exist.

We all know someone who lost weight using some kind of nutritional or exercise gimmick (see this post).  It worked for them, so maybe you tried it, and maybe it worked…or probably didn’t.  And even if it DID “work” at first, or for a while, it probably didn’t last.

I am SO OVER the schemes:  detoxes, cleanses, low carb, high carb, high fat, low fat, no fat, vegan, diet pills, waist trainers, body wraps, infomercial products, ad nauseam.  The American “diet” industry is worth over 65 billion a year.  That’s right, BILLION.  With a “B”.  The commercial fitness equipment market only approaches one billion, but is projected to grow to about 13 billion annually by 2022.  That’s a lot of toys that claim to change your body in “just ten minutes a week!”

Guess what?  Most of that is about getting you to impulsively spend money to buy the promise of a better body.  You’re sold a method instead of a system, and almost any new method is going to produce a short term result.  But by nature, that result cannot be sustained.  That’s why over 95% of people who lose weight regain it within a year.   Then, it’s on to the next method.

Method = Short Term Quick Fix

Method = Money Pit

Method = An Endless Loop of Failure By Design

Methods look like this: buying a never ending supply of new, fancy exercise equipment.  Eating the same number of calories every day.  Joining a gym.  Going on a low-carb diet.

The quick fix does not exist.

It’s not that methods can’t ever work…they can!  But there HAS to be a framework in which those methods operate to create lasting change.  Just as you can’t expect to achieve great results by doing the same exercises, sets, and reps over and over, you have to address more than just muscles when you’re changing your body.

System = Long Term Solution

System = Real Return on Investment

System = An Ongoing Journey of Sustainable Positive Results

A great fitness system is one that takes you and all aspects of your health and life into account.  You get results quickly, and if you work within the system, you get results that never quit.  Your dedication + a knowledgeable coach = forever success.

The quick fix does not exist.

If you want to be fit forever, embrace the system!  I use a holistic and robust approach that will help literally anyone.  I guarantee that if you follow the plan we create together specifically for you, you will achieve amazing results.  Success is built into the design.  Change your body and mind, change your life!

The Domestic Threat to America That Everyone Ignores

Americans are desperate to lose weight and get in shape, and certainly throw enough money at the cause.  Despite a 65 BILLION dollar diet industry, Americans are unhealthier than ever.  The US obesity rate hit a record high in 2015 at 28.6% of adults.  An additional 35.6% of our population is overweight.  That’s over 64% of people with excess weight.  That excess is linked to heart problems, cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, pregnancy problems, stroke, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and fatty liver disease.  That’s not to mention the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and economic burden of carrying the strain.  This burden is a dangerous threat to our collective health and security today and in the future.

Consider this: the yearly cost to our economy for obesity ALONE is estimated to be 301.5 BILLION.  Yes, that’s with a “B”.  That includes direct and non-direct medical services, loss of employee productivity, disability issues and preventable death.

It’s easy to ignore the problem and go on with unhealthy habits.  If you eat junk because you “feel like it”, guess what, CHILDREN do things because they feel like it.  “Oh, it’s too expensive to eat healthy…I don’t have time to exercise”.  REALLY?  You want to pay a ton of medical bills down the line?  Maybe even bankrupt yourself based on medical issues you could have prevented?  REALLY, you don’t have time?  Look, you don’t have time NOT to exercise.  Seriously, 30 minutes a day max is all you need to improve your health.  Even if you spent that half hour working out EVERY DAY it is two percent of your life.  TWO PERCENT.  Real adults get with the program and do what they know is right.  They don’t make excuses or BS themselves.

No, it’s NOT always easy to do the thing that your future self will thank you for.  But ANYONE, regardless of income, can do something positive for their health and the health of their precious loved ones.

If you want to be good to yourself, your family, and your country, STOP making excuses, STOP whining, get off your rear, go for a walk and eat some vegetables.

(If you need help with the “how” — let me know!  It’s valuable, yet free.)

[Photo: Steady fire, Santa Cruz, CA]