I believe that you can and will reach your healthy lifestyle goals.  I believe in showing you what you can do for yourself to maintain your best health for life.  I believe in being a resource person for all things that can help you along the way.    I believe in the power of your mind, your movement, your nutrition, and your recovery as they re-shape your quality of life.

I support clients all over the Bay Area and beyond to reach their goals and live healthier lives. There are two main modes: in-home training and online workshop, with a third blended learning mode. Options for your personalized experience include in-depth fitness training, nutrition education, and stress management. Your program aligns with your specific goals. You’ll have the tools, resources and support you need to be successful. If you follow the program, you will get the results you want.

Services start at $99 and vary depending on your timeline and goals.  For more information, please complete a quick goal assessment here.

Client Experiences

“Nicholle is great! She has a cheerful attitude, is a great motivator and has encyclopedic knowledge. She has helped me achieve results that I didn’t think were possible. Within a few months of working with her, I had lost 30 lbs, switched from riding buses and trains to bicycling as my main means of transportation, and even taken up rock climbing. I am in my 50s and now feel better than I did in my 30s or maybe ever. You won’t find a better personal trainer!” ~Sam, Audio Software Engineer

“Nicholle brings a unique passion and expertise to the fitness world that is very rare. She motivates with her inventive workouts and is certified to teach a variety of exercise classes. Nicholle is known for her customized 1:1 personal training and her always-at-capacity Spin classes. Her dynamic personality combined with her reliability and dedication that she brings to work every day, makes her the best trainer [here]. She lives and breathes not only fitness, but fosters the importance of diet/nutrition and the well being of our minds and bodies.” ~Danielle, Director of Global Product Marketing

“Nicholle is really knowledgeable and has a great personality and outlook on life.” – Regina, Director of Globalization

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