Monthly Archives: September 2016

There’s a difference between achieving your health goals and falling short.  No matter your current state of fitness, you can utilize these three elements to improve your individual recipe for success.

The ingredients build on one another and work in tandem to actuate positive change:

  1. Context – Your plan must take into consideration your unique personality, physical environment, resources, and life situation.
  2. Cstjoesommitment – You need dedication to see through your goal to the end.  If you allow yourself to give up, you won’t achieve what you set out to.
  3. Consistency – Out of the commitment comes the action that, over time, leads to success.

What works for you?  That’s context.  Match your temperament and circumstances to your activities.  If you super extroverted and love the outdoors, try a biking, running or walking Meetup or join a community sport league or team.  Bring your family and friends to the gym.  If you’re more of a one-on-one or solo interaction kind of person, work with a trainer or find a workout on your Apple TV that you can do at home.

Can you own it?  Is is something you can dedicate or re-dedicate to with intention?  Are you committed in your mind to staying the course with some flexibility?  Do you have a backup plan for when your hike gets rained out or you don’t feel like being active?  Sometimes you do have to push your plan forward to stick with it.

Can you keep doing it?  Is it too much exercise?  Too little fuel?  Too taxing for your current work and life schedule?  Can you find the motivation to do it over and over again?  The health of your mind and body are a sum of the time and effort invested.  It’s not enough to do the right thing once.  You’ve got to do it over and over again to sustain your healthy behaviors.  Stick with positive changes and eventually they become habits.

Anyone can use these three ingredients to master their health!  If you’ve tried in the past and stopped short of your goal, go back to the quality of your ingredients.  Did you respect context?  Did you dedicate yourself to the goal?  Were you relentless in your pursuit of it day after day?

 [Photo: St. Joseph’s Hill summit; Los Gatos, CA]